Songza, busca y escucha tu música

Sgonza es una web bastante sencilla e intuitiva que te permite buscar y escuchar tu música en pocos clicks, además de seguir buscando e ir añadiendo a la lista sin que la canción que pusiste anteriormente se pare o se corte.

Bastante original y sencilla.

Sgonza, busca y escucha tu musica

Link Sgonza

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  1. I use PNG files with PSE to organize my sueplips and using the PSEDB tool by John R Ellis, used it to write metadata to my PNG files. See his comments:______The tags and other metadata are being written in industry-standard EXIF and XMP formats to the PNGs themselves.There are at least a couple of tools that will view those PNG EXIF/XMP tags: Exiftool (perhaps the most authoritative metadata tool available), ImageMagick, and likely some others. The core problem with PNGs is that there is no industry standard for general metadata, so any approach psedbtool takes won’t be accepted by most programs.Its current approach of writing the metadata into the PNGs relies on an apparently non-standard extension that only a few programs recognize.The alternative approach of writing the metadata to .xmp sidecars wouldn’t be recognized by any programs, as far as I know. The few programs that do recognize sidecars (e.g. Adobe programs) only use them for raw files, not for non-raw files like JPEGs or PNGs.By the way, since PSE 6, I have seen only one verified instance of a PSE catalog file getting corrupted. The bigger concern is not corruption of the catalog, but rather Adobe’s lack of ongoing investment and support for PSE and the strong possibility that Adobe will kill the Organizer in the next couple of years._________I think this is interesting and would love to see the PNG metadata issue address by Adobe and the operating systems. It would save us a lot of work!I verified with the Library of Congress Metadata information and sure enough PNG does have metadata capabilities that could be implemented.MelissaPS I did a little research and linked up about the PNG metadata issue yesterday and posted but maybe the site did not like my leaving links in the comments?

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